Researchers and Writers Don’t Catch the Punchline Right

I work as a full time researcher and this puts my online writing on the side lines. I didn’t realize recently how serious the role of researchers are in our field of work. Being one of the newest in the department and having no experience in research analysis at all, I find myself always at lost when the “older” ones discuss work matters. I think, if it wasn’t for my writing abilities (which is actually more on creative and free-form) I wouldn’t be placed were I am right now.Just a few days ago, I was sent to start schooling for researcher analysts. The course will be an in-depth study of our systems and aims to create effective and efficient personalities from us. Their basic requirement of course is that the student must be a writer (yey! I think I’m qualified for this — WRONG!)Researchers and Writers Don't Catch the Punchline Right

Okay, a few days after we convened, my nose is all but bleeding. I have migraines every now and then and I dread the upcoming weeks where we’ll most probably have our brains squeezed out! (lol) Well during one lecture on the basics of research analysis, our lecturer kept on hitting on jokes, and almost all of us stayed serious, no reactions – nada. And not until he explains himself do we all snicker and laugh – and yeah our lecturer kept on laughing at us and keeps on mentioning that researchers and writers don’t catch the punchlines right every time. I know he’s speaking from experience and I’m starting to believe that it might actually be true to most if not all researchers and writers.