Response Essay

Students may be required to write a response essay for a class after reading a particular report or other document. A response essay allows a learner to respond to an idea or information in a formal way. Response essays are always from the student’s point-of-view and require that the student has read and understood information presented to him or her. In order to create an effective response essay, students need to be persuasive, analytical, and include factual information.When a student needs to create a response essay, the student should base the report on his or her reaction to a particular work. Some response essays will be more sensitive than others. For example, a student in a physics class may have to respond to a scientist’s theory about black holes by providing his or her own theories based on research. A student in an ethics class may have to create a response essay on the Catholic Church’s view on abortion, which would require the student to evaluate his or her own ethics and culture.

Response essays will follow the same basic format as all other reports. They should also be written using the same process that a learner will use to create other types of academic writings. First, the student needs to receive and understand the topic about which he or she will need to study for the document. Often, the learner will need to respond to an idea, such as abortion. Sometimes, the learner will need to respond to a specific document, such as a written theory on black holes. However, learners should always base their responses not just on their reaction, but also on related research.

Response Essay

After a student understands the information presented to him or her, the student should review his or her own thoughts on the matter. The student should find research that supports his or her thoughts. Alternatively, the student may form thoughts through research. Only once the student has performed research can the student create a persuasive and meaningful response.

The response report should have an introduction, which explains the background of the situation and includes a thesis statement. The body of the response report should contain new information that supports the student’s opinion, including facts, ideas, and theories. The conclusion should state why the student has responded in the manner in which he or she responded.

A response assignment follows the same format and procedure as any similar type of article. However, response essays require that students respond to an idea or document. Therefore, students need to define the idea or document and methodologically address each point within the idea or document in order to provide an accurate response. On the contrary, other forms of assignments may provide a more generalized opinion or point-of-view that does not necessarily debunk or support an original document or idea.