Résumé Checklist Do You Have These 9 Crucial Parts?

In a the him when getting deeply involved in the creative process of writing a résumé organizing everything you need to get that résumé done sometimes its hard and you may have missed a few things.  We’ve included this résumé checklists say you can ensure is that you have included all the necessary information.  This checklist is also a good way to make sure that you’ve included the proper information under each category

Your contact information

Have you include your name and address, telephone number, e-mail address, and any web site address that may display a portfolio of your applying to a creative position?  Be sure that this information is carefully displayed at the top of not only the first page but also every other page.

The objective statement

Have you included an objective statement that briefly describes your employment goals and how youre an asset to your prospective employer?  Have you also stated facts and work experience and competence and awards that support your objective statement?  Does your objective statement in a fit the employer and his interests or your own personal interests?

Your summary

Had he been able to summarize your accomplishments in less than five sentences?  You have the least one quantifiable work experience award or accomplishment that focuses on your personal goals? should you even include a summary does it simply reiterate what youve already written in your objective?  Have you been sure to also note some of your personal skills such as organizational traits or characteristics that would benefit your employer?

Your experience resume writing

Have you clearly detail of the specific experience that you have that relates to the job youre applying for?  Are you able to talk about specific examples of this experience when you sit down with a prospective employer?  Is your résumé Internet friendly?  Have you included specific keywords and synonyms for the job that you are applying?  Have you verify that company names are spelled correctly and include proper capitalization?

The Resume Body

Are you currently working for an employer and Hadi discloses employer to your prospective employer?  Do you have any references past salary or bonuses in your résumé?  Have you formatted to résumé properly so it doesnt waste space with employers address an additional information that can be asked for later if you are considered for employment?


In reference to the format he placed her education at the beginning of the résumé if you have little experience for education at the end of the résumé if you have a lot of industry experience?  We sure to list your most recent educational accomplishments even if you have not completed them?  We sure to include any courses or certification that dont fall within traditional realms of educational system?

Keeping Order

Heavy formatted resume appropriately so that your most recent accomplishments are first and prior experiences listed last?  Have you eliminated positions that do not apply to the current position that you are looking for?  Have you eliminated the possibility of distraction by including only information pertinent to the position for which youre applying?

If you apply the basic skills and questions in this résumé checklist you most likely have a successful résumé endeavor.