Resume Formatting (4 Varieties)

There are four main types of résumés out there. The first is the chronological résumé which consists of listing work experience in chronological order with specific job duties and is useful for those with substantial work experience in the same field and those without gaps in their employment history.The second main type of resume is the functional resume that focuses on skills and specific areas of strength. This type of resume is beneficial for recent college graduates or those that have been out of the work force for several years. For both types of resumes it is important to list basic information including name and contact information and educational background.

resume formatting

A third type of resume that can also be used is a combination resume which combines aspects of both a chronological and functional resume. For example, you could list your work experience in chronological order but in place of job duty descriptions you could list skills you attained from each job.

When deciding which type of resume is best for you, make of list of those skills/experience you would like to highlight and then decide which resume would highlight those skills/experiences best. It is also important to tailor your resume to each job you are applying for, which is called a targeted resume. A targeted resume is the forth main type of resume and includes those jobs, skills and accomplishments that are directly related to the job that you are applying for. Remember that your resume represents you on paper to employers and is your first and often only chance to show the employer what you can offer them!