Sample Masters Thesis

Your thesis paper will follow the five (5) Chapter format mentioned below:

1. Statement of your hypothesis.
2. Review of your literature.
3. Methodology.
4. Analysis of the problems(s) or significant issues(s)involved.
5. Summary of your findings and your conclusions/recommendations.
Proposal Preparation:
Chapter 1:
This would contain an introduction which includes a statement of the problem, an overview of the study, the significance of the study [its purpose, importance and application(s)], how and why it is important. It states the rationale and the scope of the study and describes in detail what you have set out to prove or demonstrate through the research.
Chapter 2:
This chapter would focus on the treatment & the research that has already been done on the topic. It would contain a review of related literature, which might include past research and writings and their impact on the study. Also, the work of renowned or unknown authors, who have written on similar subjects, has been researched with both the negative and positive perspectives.
The method and the research plan are explained in this chapter whereas specific tools, statistical procedures or techniques used are described extensively. For historical methodologies and case study, a detail of current events associated with the review of related literatur/information as discussed in Chapter 2 is provided.
Summary of Proposal:
 Title Page.
2. Contents.
3. First three chapters (completed).
4. References or Bibliography.
Keep in mind that your first three chapters are not yet final. These chapters
are open to revision while the final paper is being completed.
Final Paper: 
Completion of your final paper finalizes the process begun with the proposal by writing the last two chapters.
Chapter 4:
The Data Analysis Section: Evaluate your findings; the factors that could limit your data, where possible omission/errors could occur and the reliability of your data.
Required Heading:
Data Analysis.
Present an overview of your analysis.
Chapter 5: 
1.  Summary, Discussion and Recommendations.
2.  The results of your study are stated.
3.  Also presents any significant findings directly while states conclusions drawn.
4. Remember, the required heading should be: Summary, Conclusions &      Recommendations.

Summary of Final Paper:
1. Title Page.
2. Table of Contents.
3. Abstract.
4. Chapters 1-5.
5. References or bibliography.