Secret copywriting tip: Build your copywriting services business by offering more

If you want to increase your copywriting income, here’s a tip: offer more services to your clients. Getting a client is easy, but it costs money and time. If you’re constantly looking for new clients, you’re expending more time and energy than necessary. Once you have a client, make the client aware of all the services you offer. Someone who knows and trusts you will buy your services again.But how do you let your clients know of your other services?

There are several ways you can do that. Let’s look at a couple of them.

1. Send out a monthly newsletter

Build your copywriting services business by offering moreA monthly newsletter sent out in PDF or HTML format reminds your clients that you exist and that you can help them with their communications challenges. It also gives you space so you can include client profiles and case studies.

Many of your clients won’t be aware that you offer services like public relations; including a case study shows them that PR can be effective for their businesses too.

2. Pick up the phone

Touch base with your clients every couple of months. Just chat, and find out whats happening in their business. Suggest ways you can help them to market and to increase their bottom line.

Before you know it, your clients will be calling you for your input, and you’ll become a trusted member of their team.