Some essay writing mistakes to avoid

Essay writing is one of the most common practices for a college or university students all over the globe. It is however an unfortunate thing that many students do not know how to approach this writing even with the knowledge of the importance that it holds both in their academic life as well as their future career prospects. When writing your essay, there are numerous mistakes that you should make sure you have avoided lest it costs you on your grades and thus affect your career chances or even your admission into the university or college.

There are different types of essays which one might be required to write such as admission essays, sponsorship essays and many others which are a requirement in different stages in your college life. We will be discussing some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid in your writing. Approaching your paper writing with confidence is important as this will boost your chances of doing well in the end. Below are some of these loopholes where many students lose their marks:

  • Normally, the essay could be in form of questions which the student should answer and do it correct. Many students however fail when it comes to tackling these questions with many of them skipping some or even answering some of them halfway. It is good to approach every fact given in your paper with the importance it deserves since it is important in the overall paper writing.
  • Many students also fail to grasp the whole idea when it comes to the questions thus missing the point that they are supposed to address. It is important to ensure that you have read the instructions carefully and do exactly what is required of you. For example where you are supposed to point out or outline should be handled exactly as it is and avoid explaining. This is one of the ways through which you can take care of the word count and also show your keenness to follow instructions.
  • The essay should also be structured according to the requirements of essay writing. As a student, you should ensure that you have learnt the art of essay writing prior to the testing time as this will help you approach the whole work with a clear focus and understanding of how to do it. Work on a thorough introduction, body and make your conclusion great and base it in the evidence presented.
  • Your arguments should be supported by enough evidence so as to make it as persuasive as possible. Many people fail in this area thus losing some important marks as a result.