Special Expertise and College Education Admissions

What college education admissions office wouldn’t want a potential Michael Dell as a student? He started the biggest computer direct sales business in the world, while in college.

How do you prove to the college admissions office that you are a potential genius? You probably can’t, but don’t feel bad because there are only few a geniuses around anyway.

What you can do, however, is show that you have POTENTIAL genius by showing the college admissions office that you are on the way to becoming an expert in the field that you want to enter. And while you are developing your expertise and experiences, you might very well realize that you are a genius.

One person I know of became an expert in sea shells. He just loved sea shells: he collected them, read about them and even published articles about them. Then one day he received a letter to become a curator in a museum that had a large sea shell collection. But he had to turn it down because he was only 14 years old! When you are a true expert in something, or are very passionate about something, people are willing to offer you opportunities.