Speech Writing

Speech writing is not the same as article writing in that, a speech is intended to be ‘spoken’ and not to be read. There are important things that any speech writer must bear in mind, if they wish to write the best speech ever, for instance;

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is the subject of the speech?
  • The message to be passed across
  • How to deliver the message.

The target audience must be borne in mind during speech writing, to see to it that the writer doesn’t overload them with too much insignificant information, which will bore them at long last. It is important the writer carries a research of the audience in which to write the speech for, because it helps them understand the extent to which to go, towards research in respect to the intellectual levels of the audience. In many cases, the speech writer finds the most important thing, which affects directly or indirectly but significantly the audience in question.

The subject of the speech is another important fundamental to consider during speech writing. It is important the writer touches on what is expected of them and avoid straying from the main topic. It calls for research too, to write the best speech because the ideas, arguments and comments of the writer have to be supported by concrete and outstanding evidence. During speech writing, it is important to the writer seeks to bring the subject in question into a new light, if it is a topic familiar to the audience; it reduces monotony.

The message to be put across in a speech must be given priority. A whole speech which does not pass across any information is useless. However much colorful a speech is, the audience will be left without anything to remember if it doesn’t have a message. The chief aim of speech writing is to pass across message and if it lacks, the speech is as good as useless. The message should also be passed across viably, to see to it that the audience is left with something to remember, use of anecdotes and reference to real life situations helps a great deal, since they remain evenly implanted in the writer’s subconscious.

Delivery of information in speech writing is also another key aspect to consider. The method of delivery can easily provoke the audience to immediate cooperation, and they will listen to the speech from the beginning to the end. The writer therefore should avoid boring the audience, by use of appealing speech presentation skills, for instance, using gestures, body movements, anecdotes etc.