Steps Of A Thesis Process

Thesis or dissertation has been incorporated in a number of academic and research programs all over the world. Thesis writing however, scares the students, especially those who are writing their first thesis for the phd or masters. This is because they are not aware of the thesis writing process. Thesis process or dissertation process starts when the researcher is asked to choose a topic. The steps of thesis process generally include these stages:

1. Choosing a topic

2. Preparation and Submission of Topic proposal

3. Collection of data (actual research work)

4. Preparation of the first draft

5. Evaluation and polishing of first draft, extraction of the most useful data from the facts that can be scrapped.

6. Preparation of final draft

7. Proofreading and cross checking the final draft for any factual or grammatical errors.

8. Drawing of charts, tables and reference sheets

9. Preparation of final copy

10. Handing in of the thesis and defending the thesis if required.

Steps Of A Thesis Process

The Thesis writing process or thesis procedure is a big action plan, which is spread over a long period of time. The thesis process starts when the researchers are asked to choose a topic. In this stage of thesis the researcher must choose a topic from the area he has decided.

Once the topic is chosen, the student has to submit a topic proposal, which carries arguments as he has chosen the said topic.

The third step comes when the topic proposal is accepted. This is the most time consuming part of the thesis process because this is the stage of actual research and collection of data.

The fourth stage is also one of the most crucial phases of the thesis process. Here the researcher starts scrapping unwanted data and prepares the first draft.

This first draft is evaluated and further scrapping of unwanted information is done in the fifth stage of thesis process. The sixth stage in the thesis process is the preparation of final draft.

This final draft is proofread and checked for any grammatical or factual errors in the seventh stage of thesis process.

The eighth phase of thesis process is where all relevant diagrams, figures and tables are drawn.

The final copies, which are to be submitted, are prepared during the ninth stage of the thesis process.

Institutions hand out special instructions related to number of copies, printing of copies, margins on pages and binding of the final copy. These instructions are to be strictly observed.

The final stage of thesis process is submission of the final copies and defending the thesis during a viva voice with examiners.