Student Lecturers

I don’t from which part of the globe you come from, but where I reside there are a number of instances where my fellow students know more than the lecturers, at least in a few units. I study Electrical Engineering in campus, and before I joined campus I imagined that all I would be studying would be something to do with power transmission and generation. I know better now. What I didn’t know was that essay writing, even if it is now called thesis or project writing was part of life (it is still an essay though). What surprised me most nevertheless was the fact that we had to learn computer programming.

students lectures

I love computers; movies, music, games and all that, but I had never until I joined campus been a fan of computer programming. It looked, at least on the outside to be too complicated. It didn’t look too user-friendly, and that is the attitude I went with to my first programming lesson when I was in my first year in campus two years ago. The lecturer was to take us through object oriented programming (OOP) in general and then later on we were to study Java programming language.

The first lesson was really hard on me because I was green out and out. Luckily, I wasn’t the only guy with the problem. A respite was found when one of my classmates offered to be a part time lecturer to our class whenever we weren’t having an official class session. The essence of that was to present OOP and Java in a way we could understand without our lecturer’s knowledge. I am glad to say it worked, even though the dude did seem nervous at first. I am graduating in three months time, but I owe my programming prowess to the student lecturer who taught me Java in my first year. That just means that students need to respect each other.