Term Paper on Obesity

Students in nursing and other medical fields may find themselves required to write a term paper on obesity, a major medical epidemic that causes many different medical conditions. Term papers on obesity cannot simply be on obesity itself, but should rather be on a result of obesity, a specific complication of obesity, or a way of addressing obesity. In other words, a term paper on obesity must narrow the topic of obesity to a specific component of obesity. However, term papers on obesity will be different from term papers on simply the narrow topics of obesity on which they focus because they must reflect back on obesity as a larger topic in order to comment on obesity in general.

A term paper on obesity should put forth a thesis about the particular aspect of obesity it tackles. A thesis is a statement or group of statements that asserts an interpretation, analysis, or opinion. A thesis for a term paper on obesity may be that “Employers should be given incentives to offer employee exercise programs through the workplace in order to counter obesity among adults.” This thesis asserts an opinion in a clear and concise way. This thesis should then be defended throughout the body.

Term papers on obesity will require extensive medical research. This research should investigate both the narrow topic of obesity the student chooses, as well as the effects of obesity as a whole. This research should be pointed to throughout the course of the text in order to support the student’s claims and opinions. It is important that this research be included, but not speak louder than the student’s own voice. In other words, a student should include more of a student’s words than those of secondary sources. In addition, the main body of the document should explore the topic in such a way as to do more than report on information about the topic, but to analyze and shed light on that information. In should not, in other words, be a summary of various scholarly and medical opinions, but an interpretation and analysis of those various ideas.

Term papers on obesity should conclude by suggesting the ways in which the main body of the document presents new information about the specific topic on obesity the report explores and how that information can be applied to the general problem of obesity.