The Confession of the Writer

This article is my confession. May be a lot of people wanted to say the same words many times, but they were afraid. So, it is high time to leave everything away and say what we want. We should not think about consequences, we should not be afraid of being punished, and now I can easily say, that I hate writing! Yes, my dear, I hate writing! I hate writing for you, giving you different hints on article writing a good term papers and essays. I cannot continue this work as I really hate writing.

I am constantly trying to find interesting information in order to present the best article for you. I want, that my readers use the information as often as it is possible.

The Confession of the WriterFor me it was very interesting to use various sources amaze your every time. But it is too much for me. I hate writing. I cannot give you pieces of advice all the time. You will never find such information, as I have written. You cannot improve your writing and… and… And it is a disaster! Oh my God! What am I talking? How could I?! It is not me. It is something bad, that live somewhere deep inside.

Oh, me dear. I like writing! I truly like giving you interesting pieces of advice and hear, that you like them and you use them. I like to make your life easier and I never ask something in return. When you read it and you find it helpful – it is the best gift I have ever got.

So, in order not to wake up that animal, which has been appeared several minutes ago, I am waiting from you a bit of attention and more desire to read such helpful articles, as you may find here.