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thesis statement is an overview of your paper. It serves as a guide, telling your readers what can be expected from the succeeding parts of the paper. One of the most common misconceptions with a thesis is that it contains the subject of the paper. Contrary to this, a thesis identifies the writer’s understanding of the subject and not the topic itself. It can be a personal interpretation or opinion of the subject. As this is the case, this means that the statement of the writer is debatable. The statements the writers make can be disputed by the readers. As such, the writer has the responsibility to provide evidence of the claims that are included in the thesis. As a general rule, a thesis statement must be written in the first part of the paper. With this, the writer must make sure that the statement is presented in the most provoking way possible. As it is the first thing that a reader goes through, it must be created to increase the interest of the readers so that he may continue reading the whole paper. An effective thesis raises the curiosity of the readers. Furthermore, a writer must also allow the readers to see why his paper is important to the discipline. Here, he must justify why his paper needs to be read. If you need help in creating an effective thesis for your paper, then you have come to the right place. is your most reliable source of everything related to custom writing service. We are the home of professional, reliable and excellent academic writers who can provide you with a paper that is custom made to meet your demands and needs.

Writing a thesis statement that is highly effective is easy if you know the things that need to be considered. An effective statement is a strong one. This means that you are able to create your point in the most concise and effective way. provides you with important pointers on how you can create a strong thesis statement for your paper.

  • Make sure your thesis directly answers the guide questions your teacher has provided. Keep yourself focused on the prompt. To do this, read the prompt by part and identify the things that the question points out. Create a list as you go along for easy reference.
  • If you are required to state your opinion on the subject, make sure that you can back it up with facts. If you are not sure – conduct research. Look at the two sides of the coin and see the pros and cons for each. This will help you come up with a statement that is both valid and believable.
  • Make sure that your thesis is specific. Do not play safe by discussing something that is broad. Yes, this may be the easier option but you will suffer the consequences of having a poorly written paper. Avoid vague statements because you might end up creating a paper that your readers may judge as boring, unoriginal or generic.
  • Your thesis must be open for debate. A thesis is not a statement that will make you state a fact. The purpose of a thesis is to provide you with a way to convince your readers. If you are going to write a simple statement that states a truth, then you are defeating the purpose of the whole paper.

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