Down Times for Freelancers: Getting Sick and Out of Work

Freelancers and online writers do get the freedom they want. As a freelancer, you are you’re own boss, you work when you want and take vacations when you wish. In my case, freelance writing jobs are best for my supplementing my income. However, getting sick is another issue. Most freelancers couldn’t take much time off when they get sick, why? It is simply because, for each day you’re ill, is a day without earnings.Every one is bound to get sick and succumb to illness sometimes. A couple of days of being is seems okay since you’d be able to make up for lost time and work over the weekends or a few overtimes into the evening soon as you feel well.
But if you need to take off a couple of weeks to recuperate, your freelance career could become a bit shaky. This is especially true if you have upcoming projects and you really need work your part. If you don’t have any back up plans for such situations, your client may soon become an ex-client. They may decide to take another freelance online writer to handle projects meanwhile then just continue with the new writer even when you’re back on your feet.

Freelance Writing  How to Deal with Sickness and Take Off from Your Freelance Jobs?

One of the best ways to take your much needed rest without worrying about losing a client is to contact other freelance online writers that you can trust. Make sure that they can provide the same level of service and satisfaction that you do. These people are the ones you can call for big projects as well as cover for you when you’re sick and unable to work.

However, sickness cannot be planned ahead and your fellow freelance writers maybe busy and unable to handle more – thus you also need a small group of freelancers whom you can divvy your workload around.
Moreover, make sure that your freelance helpers don’t charge less than you when they directly bilk the client!