“Two Wrongs Can’t Make One Right” – Teaching Faculty’s & Educationists’ Concerns

The teaching faculties in general and professors in particular have always been disdainful of this ‘newer trend’ in education i.e buying term papers online. They aren’t concerned with the sites offering writing tips, samples and the best strategies for putting in applications, where to get good research material and available scholarships. They are concerned with sites, which are providing writing services to the students on minimal charges. The teaching faculty and educationists are concerned, because these sites are encouraging the students to stop studying and researching for themselves. In the opinion of Judy Califano, an assistant professor at a local college: “Through the services of these websites, a student can be easily influenced by the promise of superior grades while completing so little work. This is out rightly an encouragement to cheat, which isn’t acceptable in any way.”“Two Wrongs Can’t Make One Right” - Teaching Faculty’s & Educationists’ Concerns

Unfortunately, the final product of such little effort can take a devastating toll on a student’s social life and even his future. According to them, two wrongs can’t make a right, so these sites never the less are encouraging and assisting the students in cheating. “A good portion of students today just don’t seem to care,” says John Krier, a reference librarian at Franklin Pierce College Library. “They just want to get done to get their degree so they can get a job.”