Types of Paid Writing Jobs

Writing is an art, even when you’re writing for money. A writer can express any subject, conveying things that other modes of communication lack. New writers often don’t understand how many jobs are available in the writing field for him or her. There are many types of paid writing jobs for anyone interested in earning a living this way. A writer can select one way which is suitable for him. Some of the job types given below.

Article Writing: This type of writing includes various types of short note for a selected topics or themes or keywords etc. You can write articles for magazines, Travel Agencies or any company product or any web site etc.

Business writing: This type of writing includes writing for the commercial business magazines, advertisements, newspapers and professional copy-writing. The income rate is very high in this field. This type of writing requires that you be professional and know a sufficient degree of business knowledge for the field you’re working in.

Freelance writing: This type of writing includes offers writing opportunities to writers that, educated professional or not are able to research and write the content demanded on a contract basis. Freelance writers get a freedom to write, often telecommuting and working when you like and much as they like. It is very easy to find a job in this as a freelance writing, but pay scales vary a great deal and freelance writers should have a large degree of skill with computers and Internet use.

Online writing: This type of writing includes writing for any kind of website or e-zines, providing content and articles. It is one of the many types of freelance writing jobs. In this field, you may be required to ghost-write, write articles, poetry, short stories, books and more. It is possible to make a modest living writing for clients in online markets and client mills. Some find this type of writing occupation freeing, but other writing careers may offer much better pay. In this field you can make your career progress and pay rate increase by your skill and work history.

Journal writing: This type of writing includes writing for national or local newspaper and magazines that will be read by millions of people every day. For this kind of job you should have very good skills in communication and knowledge of with research and investigation. Being able to find important topics for publishing is key. Many journal-type writers are also part-time writers.Types of Paid Writing Jobs

Academic writing: This type of writing includes writing for scientific journals, university magazines and many other educational formats. Experienced article writers, field-experts, educational professionals and book writers are preferred for academic writing.

Sales-copy writing: You will be paid better than any other field of writing while working as a copywriter. The attention to detail and ability to evoke interest and response are the qualities that make or break a sales copywriter. Additional qualities that make a sales copywriter shine are a very fast writing speed and excellent ability to manipulate what a reader feels and thinks while reading your work.

There are alsovarious types of paid writing jobs like Erotica, script-writing, game instruction and technical writing, blogs, reviews, “blurbs” such as greeting cards, and many, many more. Only after deciding which field you meet the criteria for and deciding if the career is to you liking and meets your needs can one begin the path to being a successful writer.