Web Copywriting: Four Online Marketing Secrets You Can Use

Want to make money online? You need Web copywriting skills. Although these skills take the time to develop, lets look at four secrets you can use today. Before we get started, here’s an important tip: successful Web copywriting is different from other types of copywriting. Although direct response copywriters say that Web copywriting just another form of direct response, this isn’t true. Why? See secrets one and four below.

1. How Many Audiences? Write a Sales Page for Each One

In the online world, relevancy is king, rather than content. This is because whether people find your online sales pages via the search engines, or click through from an advertisement unless the page is relevant to them within three seconds, they click away.

Don’t believe me? Go and check your visitors bounce rates in your sites referrer logs.

Relevancy is especially important if you’re using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. If a page isn’t relevant, not only will you pay more for each click, your conversion rate will be low.

Therefore, before you start writing, work out how many audiences you’re targeting. Then, write a different sales page for each audience. Youll be amazed not only will you sell more, you’ll also pay less for advertising.

2. Read the Copy Aloud: Use Short Words and Sentences

Read all your copy aloud, to check that it flows logically, and makes sense. I like to use a text to speech converting the application to read out my copy because I can instantly pick up unfortunate phrasing, and inconsistencies.

Remember that online, people scan rather than read, so use short words and sentences, bullet points, and lots of white space.

3. Check Your Spelling and Grammar: You Must Be Credible

Have you noticed that you can recognize spam and phishing emails because of the bad spelling and grammar? Because of this, your site visitors are sensitive to anything which suggests that your site may not be legitimate. Check your spelling, your word choices, and your grammar.

Mistakes hurt your credibility.

4. Remember the Search Engines

If you forget the search engines, you’re throwing money away. Organic search engine traffic costs you nothing, so even if you’re using advertising to get traffic, optimize all your Web pages.

When you use the four secrets above, you’re well on the way making more sales with your new Web copywriting skills.

Selling Online? Increase your profits

Web copywriting skills are an essential tool for your online business success.

Whatever you’re selling: whether it’s your own products and service, or whether you’re acting as an affiliate for others, you must know how to sell online.

I’ve been coaching business owners in do-it-yourself copywriting skills for several years, simply because I believe that the person who knows the most about a product is the best copywriter for it.