Wether vs weather vs whether – How to Differentiate Them

I’d be showing you how to differentiate 3 homonyms that are quite confusing because of their near spellings.
These words are Wether, weather and whether. How can you differentiate these 3 words?
To know their differences, you’ll need to look deep into their dictionary meanings.
Pronounced as “weda”.
This word is an wonderful example of a word that can always be confused and constantly misinterpreted  as Whether, because when you mistakenly omit  the letter “H” while trying to writer “whether”; you kind of end up typing out “Wether” instead of “whether”.

However, this doesn’t signify that “wether” as a homonym to whether and weather doesn’t have its own meaning. Wether is grammatically correct and –

It means
A Castrated Sheep or Goat-
A male sheep or goat that has been castrated before becoming sexually mature.


  • Hey Jane, have you seen one of my wethers?
  • Peter couldn’t take his wether to the farm because the weather was cold.
  • My little daughter hates all his wethers.

On the other hand is a conjunction that introduces choices or alternatives.

  • I don’t know whether to let my wether run away or let him stay.
  • I don’t know whether the weather is going to be hot or cold.

Remember: It deals with words.Картинки по запросу Whether vs weather vs whether

Encarta Dictionary defines weather as the state of the atmosphere with regard to temperature, cloudiness, rainfall, wind, and other meteorological conditions.

In addition to the definition, weather affects the sea and land. When there is a rainfall, it affects the lands and the sea. When the temperature is hot, it still affects the sea and land.

So that you won’t forget the difference between whether and weather, do this –

  • Weather affects the sea.

Just like me, you noticed that there is an “ea” both in Weather and in the word Sea.

So next time the two words get you quite confused, remember that –

  • Weather affects the sea.


  • Since the weather is hot, I don’t know whether to get my wether off the farm.
  • When the weather becomes cloudy, please help me get my wether to my barn.

So you see? Getting to know their differences isn’t really that hard. All you need to know is this –

Wether is to castrated sheep; whether is to words and weather is to sea.