What Are Good Writing Skills

We all use our writing skills at some point in our lives. Good Writing Skills is another form of good communication. As with other forms of communication the key to good writing skills is to write as clearly as you can to convey your message. With writing you want to be as accurate with facts and information that illustrates your points.The best way to have good writing skills is to choose a subject that interests you, especially as a novice writer. More experienced or professional writers can write about things that don’t interest them and still be effective because they have perfected their writing technique. Once you pick a subject of interest you then narrow it down to something that you can write about with some sort of intelligence. Good writing skills come across in a written work as something that was picked because the person has knowledge of the subject and researched it, gave thought to the subject and able to express the subject in written language suitable for the reader. If one uses good writing skills then information about the subject is presented in a logical and effective manner. Of course grammar, spelling and correct punctuation is also part of good writing skills.What Are Good Writing Skills

Like any other form of communication good writing skills come in different styles. The three main styles people write in are: Informative or Functional, Personal/Creative/Compositional and Critical/Analytical.

Informative or functional style is used when we are asked to give information or present facts on a subject. It is a direct straightforward style that is easy to understand. It is structured in a logical, ordered format that is clear. The most effective type of language to use in this type writing showing that you have good writing skills is to use formal language. Colloquial language or slang is not effective for this style of writing. This writing style uses objectivity with the subject matter. Creative and imaginative writing is not part of this styles formula.

Personal/Creative/Compositional style is more subjective and creative in approach. With this kind of writing, imagination and individuality is encouraged. But as with any good writing skills you must write in an organized, logical structure as well and your creativity must make sense. Colloquialism is acceptable in this from of writing as long as it does not detract from the writing quality.

Critical or Analytical writing requires the writer to give a critical response or analyze a subject. In this type of writing style the write uses their judgment and evaluates the subject matter. The writers judgment is based of facts and references that the writer uses in the written work. In this style one’s opinion enters the writing.

Regardless of writing style, one must structure the piece in an organized fashion where all the ideas interconnect cohesively. This is one of the main factors of good writing skills. Your piece must flow and be logical. You should choose the writing style that can best express the subject you are writing about. It’s always good to make an outline and or ruff draft from which to write from. Stick to the points you are trying to make. Make the points as clear and easy to read as possible. This is really the point of good writing skills. The reader has to come away with the idea you are writing about. If your written piece is understandable and makes sense it should be in an easy and clear style for the reader to grasp. Obviously you will reach a wider audience with your writing if more people can understand your writing approach.