What is a Life Experience Degree?

So much is being said and written about life experience degrees that it has become essential for you know what actually a life experience degree is. There is an increasing interest among individuals of every age and background in experience based degrees. However many of them are often misguided by degree mills that mock the basic concept of experience-based degrees Basic Concept behind Experience Based DegreesLife Experience Degree, as the name says it all, are degrees awarded to those individuals who have demonstrated core competencies of knowledge, skills, and experience in a certain field of interest. The prior experience can include military service, work experience, prior college, certificates of achievement, travel, professional development courses and workshops, community and volunteer services, or anything. There are many online institutions that are currently awarding life experience degrees by assessing the prior experience of individuals using different methods.
What is a Life Experience Degree?

Why Should You Get an Experience Based Degree?

There is no denying the fact that life experience degree holders are treated equally by most of the employers and educational institutions. In today’s world, the importance of having a degree can’t be denied. A person having same experience like yours, or even lesser, can be given preference just because he has a degree in hand.

A study shows that between 90-95 percent of employers have no problems in hiring an individual with a life experience degree. So why should you wait when you can your desired degree without any problems, just by showing the relevant experience?

2 Main Factors to consider while considering an Experience Degree Provider


  • The institution must be accredited by an accreditation agency.
  • The institution should always be ready to provide credential verification service anytime.


Now that you have read all about experience based degrees, the choice is in your hands. Either move forward in your professional life with an experience based degree in hand or let others leave you behind.