What is Guest Blogging?

“Guest blogging is simply the act of writing for another website as a guest author with the hope of getting quality backlinks, niche-targeted traffic, internet-wide exposure and building healthy relationships with other bloggers”.This alone is a compelling reason why one should venture into guest blogging. The benefits are very enormous, which I think is the basis for it sudden popularity.What do you stand to gain when you venture into guest blogging? Below are 7 awesome benefits of guest blogging –

  • It Brings Enormous Exposure

Of a surety, Exposure will result in clients and upward growth of a blog brand. Imagine that you published one of your guest posts on a top blog that garner more than 50,000 readers everyday. And at least half of those 50,000 readers got to see your guest post within that week – with your name as the guest author.

This means that- approximately 25,000 people got to know you and might likely still recognize you if they see your name elsewhere.

But in order to make them more familiar with your name, you have to consistently keep guest posting until your name turns to a “reference engine”; this alone will single-handedly result in massive exposure for you if you keep doing it.

  • To Gain Quality Traffic

This is one of the best parts of guest blogging.

The consistent traffic it sends to one’s blog can sometimes be mind boggling – Onibalusi Bamidele single-handedly received over 1000 visitors to his blog because of a guest post he wrote on Problogger.

This is to show you how effective guest blogging can be if used the right way.

  • To Build Strong Backlinks      

Despite the fact that there are numerous ways to get backlinks to one’s blog; still guest blogging stands out the easiest and most effective way to get quality backlinks.

I’ve seen blogs get a Page Rank 4 status within a year through guest posting frequently on other blogs.

This signifies that – guest posting on other blogs can improve your backlink in other for your blog to be ranked high on search engines.

  • To Get More Subscribers

If guest blogging is done in the right manner, then you can get as much as 300 subscribers from a single guest post you did on a top blog. This is one of the most wonderful ways to build your subscriber base – it’s that easy.

  • To Get Credibility and Respect

Every teacher who has a large amount of followers is definitely leading by example, because Students don’t stay where they know more than the teacher. They would rather focus their attention elsewhere than stay and learn nothing.

This also goes with guest posting on other blogs; when you write up fantastic guest posts and people keep applauding you for writing such  awesome posts – this will reciprocate to “respect” since these people try your strategies and it works at all time for them.

When this is continually done, it will give birth to ‘trustworthiness’ – where people will take you as an authority on the topic which you teach.

Remember: Guest posting repetitively on a large scale is the only way people will recognize you as an authority which needs to be respected.

  • To Reduce and Increase “Rankings”

Well, as much as this part isn’t supposed to be here – I think it’s good to include it so that people can get to see the power of guest posting on other blogs.  If you continuously guest post on different blogs, your Alexa Rank will reduce drastically. I’m a living witness to the efficacy of this fact.

Guest blogging can also increase your Google page rank significantly when done in an incessant manner on high page ranked sites.

  • More Clients

Obviously, this is perhaps the best reason why I guest post.  Since clients are exactly lurking all around the internet looking for trustworthy people who they can work with.

To increase your chances of getting clients, you’d have to do guest posts on a large scale, leaving your “let me write for you” on all the guest posts you write. And sooner than you think, this will definitely push clients your way in an unending fashion.
These are all the awesome benefits guest blogging will accrue to you and our blog; so lets move on to the next chapter.

What are your guest blogging goals?
Guest blogging isn’t something you rush into because you heard of fantastic stories of what it has done for people who diligently applied it to their individual blogs and it worked perfectly for them.

You must have an “approach” for your guest blogging campaign.
Whether it’s to get traffic, subscribers, exposure, or backlink – there “MUST” always be an approach you need to follow. When you guest post incessantly without any approach in mind, it may lead to undesirable result which you never expected.

What exactly do I mean by guest blogging approach?

Its means – “Knowing what you really want from guest blogging e.g. traffic, subscribers, exposure or backlinks – and still knowing “how” to go about it.”

Do you actually know what you want from guest blogging? And do you know the right approach to take? –

  •  Is it traffic?

Then guest posting on top blogs with a large number of readers will do the trick. Let the number of readers on the blog you’re targeting always be between 60k -100k monthly; this will ensure your guest post always comes out with a pop, thereby leading to magnificent surge of traffic to your blog!

The terminology is quite simple: the more readers your host has – the better traffic you’d get from the guest post to your blog – it’s that simple.

  •  Is it Subscribers?

Then target blogs with large number of active readers – any blog with a regular daily traffic of 4,000 is ideal for the task. Also, linking to your squeeze page on your author bio will ensure that the blog readers – who followed your guest post link- will subscribe maximally to your blog.

  • Is it Backlink?

Well, I don’t think the number of readers a blog has really matters in this one. What you need do is – guest post for as many blogs you can find on your niche. The more the blogs guest posted for – the better backlinks you get from them to your own blog.

But some backlinks have varying power – a strong backlink from a page rank 6 blog is far better than a strong backlink from 2 smaller pagerank 2 blogs. What’s my point? To get the best out of guest posting for backlink – it’s far better to focus on top page rank blogs with at least Google page ranks of 5 to 6.

  • Is it exposure?

Then guest post for blogs with great amount of readers. A blog with having readers to the ton of 30k – 45k per day will do the job. Just make sure that these blogs all have large readership and that their readers use social media to share the blog’s content.

So that when you eventually guest post on these blogs – it will result in massive exposure since your guest post will be maximally shared on different social media outlets.

Now that you know what exactly your approach to guest blogging is; and how to go about doing them – it’s time to venture into deeper waters of guest posting.