What is Narrative essays

Narrative essays tell stories and hence, putting together a good narrative essay would entail more than simply wording your essay cleverly. For such essays, one must also employ their descriptive powers well enough to be able to paint a clear picture for the readers so that they can actually see – rather than read about – a scene or a character in their own mind’s eye.

Narrative essaysYou do not have to worry about how to write a narrative essay. It is just like telling someone a story but here the challenge is to be able to draw the person into your story and to get the readers to feel for the central characters. A sample narrative essay topic is a topic like “My first year in an IB school” or “My Tsunami experience”. Some narrative essay topics for high school may include topics like, “My experience with peer pressure” or “Cheerleading blues”. The key to writing a good narrative essay is to write on a topic that is close to your heart. This way you just have to translate your own emotions into the words you pen down.

In an “Illustration narrative essay”, one can use pictures or illustrations to emphasize their point. This can be an effective and powerful tool if used wisely. In all narrative essay types however, just as in the case of any other types of essays, the concluding paragraph has tremendous significance. This is where the writer must re-affirm his or her viewpoint in such a manner as to render a powerful impact on the reader.