What is the tuition of a typical distance learning college?

Tuition at a typical distance learning college generally averages from about 180 to 600 dollars per credit. (In comparison, the average Campus University (not-online) is about 700 dollars per credit). So online Universities are usually less expensive than campus Universities.

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Some colleges go even higher, some lower. With such a wide range, it pays to shop around. But you can not solely choose by stated tuition.

If a college charges too low, then you better make sure that the college is accredited. The very low priced colleges tend to be un-accredited or fraudulent, making your degree of limited value or worthless.

Don’t just look at a college’s stated tuition: look at total cost. While all colleges have fees, some colleges can be absurdly high with the fees. Make sure you read your college’s information packet closely for hidden fees.

Some fees may seem high, but may actually save you money and time. For example, if a college charges you a fee for using an electronic library, don’t forget to take into account the savings you get from not having to buy college books, which can cost you over 100 dollars per book. And it is certainly easier to do research at home at your computer than having to track down books and journals at libraries.

Take into account that accredited distance learning colleges make you eligible for government financial aid (Federal and State).

In addition, some colleges will you give you aid (in addition to government financial aid), while others will not. So, one particular college may cost more, but give you more financial aid, making the final cost less. So make sure you carefully read about financial aid in their information packs.