What Makes Effective Leadership In A Person

Just as there are different styles of communication there are different styles of effective leadership. Effective leadership is that which works in a given situation to get the results desired. Here are some examples of different types of effective leadership and how they lead and organization.There is the telling leader. This type of leader is good for new and inexperienced members within an organization. These members need to be told what to do from soup to nuts. This is effective leadership for that kind of membership. Although it is effective leadership this type of leader doesn’t care about peoples feelings or relationships. The leader wants what they want and that’s that. This type of leader has to give very clear directions and follow up on the directions that were executed by the membership.

Then you have the selling leader. He uses the power of persuasion to get what he wants done. He sells his membership on his ideas by convincing them. The membership in this type of organization is more experienced. This type of leadership is effective because the leader explains the decisions made and give the membership a lot of opportunity for clarity.What Makes Effective Leadership In A Person

Another Effective leadership style is the participating leader. This kind of leader actually works along side with the members of the organization. Together the leader and membership make decisions and carry them out. With this type of leadership style the group is the important factor to the organization’s success. The relationship the leader has with the group is more important than the task at hand. This leadership is also effective leadership because the leader gives the members encouragement to do well and compliments them when they succeed.

The last type of leader I will point out is the delegating leader. He hands the ball to the membership to run the show so to speak. He trusts the role members have in terms of their duties and lets them do what they have to do. This kind of leadership can delegate responsibility because the membership is experienced enough to work independently because they are fully capable of handling things. In an organization with this type of leadership the members handle their own affairs.

Even though those are effective styles of leadership all leaders have basic qualities that make them effective leaders. A person who has effective leadership qualities is able to give directions and communicate clearly. They can accept as well as offer constructive criticism. He or she can effectively meet deadlines. They have to be able to diffuse and handle conflict effectively.

Effective leadership can guide a group in setting their goals and reaching them. They are able to make decisions as well as delegate responsibilities. They can make presentations to the organization. The most important factor is their honesty and integrity. People will not follow someone they feel is not honest and plays dirty. The best leaders admit their mistakes and learn from them. This makes the membership of an organization respect them. Without respect it is almost impossible to lead.