What Voice Will Your Story Be In?

An important point to decide before you start writing your story is what voice or viewpoint will you write your story from. There are three viewpoints you can pick from to tell your story; the first person, second person or third person.First person: Singular – I, my, mine, me; Plural – us, our, we, ours
Second person: Singular – yours, you, your; Plural – yours, you, your
Third person: Singular – he, her, his, hers, she, him, it, its; Plural – them, they, their, theirs

The third voice without a doubt is the most popular method used today in telling a story. This takes on the role of the narrator on the outside looking in and describing the characters and events as they unfold.

No matter which voice or viewpoint you choose to write in, the most important point to remember is stay within your voice or viewpoint. The story becomes too confusing if at one point you are writing as the first person then mid-way switch into the third person. Doing this would make you lose your readers, so stay focused and pay attention to the viewpoint you are writing in.