Why I Hate Essay Writing

An essay is a small literary paper pertaining to a particular theme or subject. It expresses your personal point of view when discussing and explaining a subject. Essay writing has been famous to be hard assignment and drain students of their will to live. Actually, essays are one of the very horrific components of the high school education.During their lives, students have been given a diversity of essays. Even teachers teaching non-English related topic are taking part in the essay wave. I speak for numerous students when I state that I hate writing essays. First, I do not think that anybody takes pleasure in writing an essay. Every time, a student gets assigned, I hear innumerable pleas and groans and to God across the class in the kind of short statement: “I hate writing essays!”Why I Hate Essay Writing It is obvious that not just do students not please essays, but also they fear them. Each student can say, “I hate writing essays as I am over-acquainted with them. I have had to compose essays each year since I was dealt with them first in 4th grade. It is getting old!”

One thing, which particularly upsets students about writing essays, is that annually essay assignments not just seem to be given more frequently, but teachers are demanding them to be much longer and longer! Quantity is not essentially quality! I do not realize why teaches believe the longer essays are the better they are. When you were to read an essay, which went on and on, you would have a fit of fatal rage within no time.