Why We Should Write?

CAUSE. Once upon the time my old friend came to me and told: “I hate writing! I am so tired of writing all the time and I need a break! My teachers are constantly giving me difficult assignments, which make me to say one more time – I hate writing!”ACTION:
Telling the truth, I was shocked. I have known this girl for many years, and all the time she was an exemplar in writing. Her words “I hate writing” made me worried. We had a long lasting talk. You know, she was right. Teachers are constantly giving the assignments of different difficulty and sometimes students have no time for making it at a high level.Why We Should Write?
We made up our minds to discus the problem a bit. Why our teachers are so ruthless? Why do not they want to realize that we cannot do everything? There was a minute of silence. We understood that our teachers want to prepare us for grown up life – we should be responsible, we should be attentive, we should be eager to work. But is it always good? We found a lot of possible variants for answers and as many contradictions. It became very difficult to be objective in this case, as emotions and clear mind are incompatible.
Our conclusion was clear, in fact. When we have such opportunity as writing different papers, it turns out to be great. Of course, we should do it from our heart. We should be inspired and emotionally prepared. That is why we cannot hate writing. We should be proud that we can write and should develop our abilities each day! And some day we will decide what we should write and what we can omit! As we will be professionals!