Write a Press Release

Press release is a written official announcement made to the public via mass media regarding certain important news or subject. Press release can be made on great variety of topics and occasions – from an opening of a new branch of a reputed business or a statement issued by a political party, to the announcement of a sports team or a list of lottery winners. The press release is usually delivered to the public through fax and e-mail or at a formal press conference. Lately web-based press releases gain popularity as a powerful tool of promoting an e-commerce business or a particular website. Traditionally all the newspapers, magazines, TV and Radio stations are usually provided with a copy of the press release to promote through their media channels.

How to write a press release

In order to write a striking press release we adopts these simple and powerful guidelines:

  • The information in our press releases is eye catching and keeps the reader glued to them. We refrain from just writing a promo text, the focus is on providing the initial value to the client – a somewhat of a presell of the future product or service.
  • When writing the press release we try to put ourselves into customers place. What is it that the customer wants to know from the press release, what are the reactions we expect? As soon as we understand that the press release does not drive further interest we rewrite it.
  • As in any writing, the first paragraph holds the key. More than half the work is finished if readers find it interesting and impressive.
  • Proper grammar and spellings are compulsory. This point does not even have to be explained. All writings go through the sense and spelling check of our Proofreading department.

Standard press release format

  • Letterhead: Information should be on the letterhead of the company or the party issuing the release with the logo and contact details.
  • Headline: The headline should be catchy, grabbing the attention of the media person. The media is rarely bothered with the details of the content – they just look for gathering interesting news for their readers.
  • Introduction: The paragraph detailing the reason and importance of the press release.
  • Main body: Details of the event or product being talked about.
  • Boilerplate: Details about the issuing body or individual.
  • The writing is concluded with ### or other special character marks.  This gives the understanding that the text has ended.
  • Contact details: Provide contacts of the person dealing with the media.