Write On Any Topic: Secrets To Rapid Research

Writing is a great way to earn extra money, and many authors turn their hobby into a full-time career. Doing rapid research is essential for writers, and proper technique ensures that writing is as profitable as possible. Most Internet articles are short, concise and designed to provide readers with usable information. Some authors rely on links to support their articles, and having access to quality information is essential. Using Wikipedia and other reliable sources are two ways that writers can quickly get the information that is needed for their article. Having multiple computers is another great idea, and a tablet is an ideal way to research and write at the same time.


Wikipedia is an Internet portal that is filled with lots of useful information. The pages are ideal for authors who are working on histories, biographies of complex subjects. The site features an easy-to-use search bar that takes research to the next level. Because Wikipedia pages include links and resources, writers can easily move across the Internet in their quest for information. Wikipedia has information on virtually every subject, and most articles are in depth and concise.

Reputable Sources

Doing rapid research requires access to a number of reputable sources. One great place to look for reliable information, comprehensive studies and detailed research is a university’s website. Most colleges have their own .edu address, and this makes it easy for research to proceed as fast as possible. Many of the leading universities offer classes for free, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has its open course ware that provides detailed descriptions, course work and resources for a number of different subjects. Because university research is subject to peer reviews, most of the information is incredibly reliable. The federal government also offers a number of reliable pages, and a .gov address is a sure sign of reputable information. The particular pages are easy to find on one of the various search engines and ensures that authors have access to the research that is required for their next article.Write On Any Topic: Secrets To Rapid Research

Search Wizardry

While most of us are pretty well-versed in using Google to do a search, very few are aware of all the search options and operands, or of the various specialized and ‘lateral’ databases that can be accessed (you can see some of them on Googles ‘Products’ page). The more familiar you become with all the options available to you, the faster your research will become, while at the same time uncovering deeper and better information. There is such a wealth of  data available through Google, it can sometimes become overwhelming!

Rough Outlines

Developing a rough outline prior to writing is essential for most writers and provides them a guide for their articles. Outlines are easy to write out by hand or type into a laptop or tablet. Using an outline allows writers to focus on their research and write stellar articles at the same time. Because there is always an audience for writing, it is essential to draft articles that flow and provide valuable information in a concise manner. Outlines can also be developed in an author’s head. Choosing four or five points to flesh out an article is one way to research a subject as fast as possible. Each point is the basis of a paragraph, and authors can use a tablet to find information on the Internet while they type the article on their laptop or desktop computer.

Performing rapid research is essential for writers, and there are a number of tools that are readily available. The Internet is the fastest way for most authors to find reliable information on any subject. Because most authors need access to reputable information, it is essential to find a website that is trustworthy. Wikipedia is a great site and has articles on a wide range of subjects. Universities are another great place to find research in seconds, and an .edu address is the ideal way to locate a reliable educational institution. The federal government has websites that provide more information on public concerns. Government websites usually end in .gov. Because writing fast is essential to profit, many authors use a computer for research and another for writing their article.