Writer’s Block – Stuck on a story then ask for help!

Writing can be a very lonely profession. You may be stuck in a dark room, all alone, bread and water as your only nourishment, and only ‘you’ know what is going on in your head. The blood, the sweat, the tears – all internal struggles, and the demons like writer’s block are out there to get you. Before you know it – you are stuck. And you have no way out!

But it doesn’t always have to be that lonely. Sure, nobody understands your plight. But they can help your goals if you first, check your ego at the door! This is a great first step to get out of Writer’s Block!

Your ego can get in the way of your writing success! Whether it is a six-figure screenplay option, or a 400 page article that you can’t seem to find the right title for, your ego will often get in the way of your opportunity for success! So here’s the key to coming up with ideas for your writing when you are stuck.

Cure your Writer’s Block by checking your ego at the door and ask for help!

Yes, you don’t have to do it alone! Asking for help can get you out of some serious writing mud! Got Writer’s Block? Ask for help!

1. It shows you are human – just like everybody else.
2. Two heads are better than one!
3. Most people want to help.

Do not be afraid to let someone know that you need help if you are stuck with your story or writing idea. In any aspect of life, the successful oriented people had help!

1. It shows you are human – just like everybody else.

Take off the writer hat for a moment. Forget the ego. Provide your best friend, your spouse, even your children with your dilemma. Tell them you have Writer’s Block and ask them if they could help you! Pitch them your idea and see what kind of ideas they come up with. Get them into ‘your world’ so that it won’t be lonely anymore.

Plain and simple: ask them for help! This makes you human. You are writing for an audience: theatrical, a novella, journalistic, it doesn’t matter. What matters is this: you are now voicing your idea out loud and admitting you have Writer’s Block. And this might be enough to get you out of the mud. It also can lead to some very interesting, more objective ideas that can create a bigger, better, through-line to what you are writing about.

Writing programs, like UCLA’s writing programs, have mentors for students as they reach “Master’s Class” and programs of this level. The Mentor is simply there so a student can ask for help. It is so often the toil of a writer to do it on their own – but once they decide to be ‘human’, asking for help can help them grow as a writer a lot better than doing it all by themselves.

2. Two heads are better than one!

Pushing a car up the hill is easier when two people are pushing. Brainstorming in a dark room all by yourself is a lot harder when nobody is triggering their brain synapses at the same time as you are.

Your Writer’s Block is easier to solve if two heads are involved! Asking someone to for help allows you to brainstorm out loud. It allows an ‘outsider’ into your world and that draws a more objective, fresher, and more down to earth point of view.

Even if their ideas are out of this world, at least it gets your brain going into a different direction it was already in; stuck with Writer’s Block.

3. Most people want to help.

Try this: Tell someone that you are working on a specific piece of work and say you have Writer’s Block and would really like their opinion or idea on the subject matter. Most people will feel flattered that you asked. They may feel excited that you are also asking them into your world, which can be completely foreign to them! Most will do whatever it takes to help you out of the rut! They want to help!

Most will feel privileged. They may even feel motivated to really ‘help’ and discover more about the writing life and how difficult you may have it. Their empathy for what you are going through can drive them to really get their brainstorming going in order to help you get through what you need to get through! People really want to help! So ask!

Asking for help is like teamwork – but you eventually get to do all the work. But it gets you out of your Writer’s Block dilemma! Asking for help puts two brains, three brains, or maybe more, into your path to success; utilize them for the right reasons and get out of the mud!

Got Writer’s Block? Check your ego at the door and ask for help!