Writing A Resume

Certainly the hardest part of writing a résumé is getting started. The easiest way to begin writing a résumé is to look first at your list of skills, rather than prior employment duties and responsibilities
Create a list that looks something similar to this:

  • excellent communicator
  • arrives on time
  • ability to manage many different projects
  • proficient in Microsoft Word

Your skills are going to vary from job to job and from position to position but generally you want to focus on your biggest strengths and articulate these in a way that not only makes you seem intelligent but also highlights the fact that you are confident about your abilities to perform the tasks at hand. The most important part of the résumé is the tone that we use and the confidence that we can project to show the hiring manager that we are proud of our accomplishments.

resume writing

There are advantages to writing a résumé that many people dont at first consider.  Many times we pass through life and dont stop to look around at what we have accomplished.  A résumé provides a great amount of time for us to sit down and simply reflect on what it is we have actually accomplished professional.

Resume layout and content will vary depending on the field you are in.  For example, if  looking for work as a social worker it will certainly be different than if youre looking for work as a businessperson, however many hiring managers have similar expectations.   For example, most employers want to see results quantified by numbers and symbols.  For example, dont say I improved our sales a lot, you should say something more along the lines of improved sales 150%, or sold 69 more widgets above the quota.  Use specific and professional-sounding languaging; instead of Im pretty good in Microsoft Word you can say well-versed in all office applications especially Microsoft Word.

If you take nothing else from this article remembered to stay positive and really think about what you have accomplished and give yourself credit while writing.