Writing Articles for a Career

An article writer is probably one of the best ways to earn money either part time or full time. You will have a chance to make as much money as you want if you will apply yourself and learn the basics. There is no better way to write about things that interest you and the market is there waiting for you. Today more than ever before companies and internet marketers are demanding good content written for their web sites and blogs. The days when they can stick just any kind of garbage on their sites with the hope of getting traffic has passed. Google has recently unlisted many sites for posting irrelevant garbage on their sites and now demand good relevant material.
So you, as a competent, dedicated writer can produce the content for these web designers and bloggers that will provide the GOOD content required that will ensure they don’t experience the Google Slap. Hundreds of thousands have watched their ranking disappear from the first page of Google to the infinite internet space where no one will find them again.
When you are an articlewriter it is very important that you always provide the best professional content for your clients so they will rank high on Google and other search engines. As you increase your portfolio of successful clients, your reputation will soon become bright in the eyes of other potential clients and you can demand an ever increasing pay for your writing talents.Writing Articles for a Career
The only way you can reach the level of a professional freelance writer is to research your subject thoroughly and then write the best articles you can possibly create. Remember the greatest rewards come to those who produce the best results. Internet marketers are getting tired of spending money for content that is complete rubbish that will hurt their site more than promote it.
As an article writer to increase your writing skills you should write articles about everything. This will further improve your research and writing, especially if you write about something you know nothing about. If you don’t have a client to write for at the time then submit your articles to article directories such as e zine articles.
You will never have to worry about not having anything to write about. Again, if you have some slack time why not set up a PLR site for yourself. You can always write articles for your PLR packs and sell them over and over again.
So turn off that television set and write, write, write. Never make up the excuse that you have nothing to write about. Pick a subject and start turning out articles about it. There is always someplace where you can sell these articles. If you can’t find a buyer then use them to promote your own websites or blogs
Article Writer Opportunities
There are hundreds if not thousands of article writing opportunities available today. The greatest opportunities by far are those on the internet.
Everyday there are thousands of new websites and blogs created. All of these websites and blogs require content for their sites. Whether they are trying to promote a product or just supply information, they are usually more capable of running their business than they are of producing the content for their site.
This is where the article writer comes in. You can supply the content required for their site. With some research and practice, you can quickly become an expert on just about any subject.. You can specialize in only one or two areas or promote yourself as a generalist. Specializing will probably earn you more money per article, blog post, or newsletter as you can market yourself as the expert to look up to for information on that subject.
Writing as a generalist, you will have the opportunity to explore many different areas. This is great for anyone with an enquiring mind who is interested in researching many different subjects. You never know what your potential clients will want you to write about next.
During your article writing career you can pick and choose what to write about. It is up to you whether or not to accept an assignment from a client. If you feel uncomfortable about a particular subject or if you feel it would require too much research to write a good article about it, then simply turn the project down and explain to your prospective client that you don’t feel knowledgeable enough to provide them with an article you would be proud of.
When you first start out freelance writing, unless you are an expert in a particular subject, don’t expect to be paid top dollar for your work. Remember you are in your learning stage so the most important thing is for you to write as much as you can to gain some experience. Before you know it you will start receiving the $30 or $40 for those 500 word articles.
One of the best advantages you will receive from your article writing career is the freedom it offers you. You can write where and when you want and you only have to write about things that interest you.
So, the article writing opportunities are out there for you to grab. Get out there and start writing. You will never regret it and the rewards can be both financially and mentally fantastic.