Writing On Creative License

As children we are encouraged to be creative, even some might say this behavior is more desirable today than in the past. However, for the most part, once you are into the years of education where your studies begin to become more serious, being creative is sometimes discouraged, called daydreaming, or unproductive.

For a writer, being creative can sometimes be about taking a trip into the childhood of the past.

You might say that a writer is the over lord of the writing world they have created, just as James Bond has a license to kill so does the writer and author of any particular written work.  The writer can create and dispose of characters, plots, stories, friends, enemy’s and more at the touch of a key on his or her keyboard.

There is a risk in having unfettered license, you must satisfy the reader, at least you should really try to do that, I know some writers take some sort of perverse pride in angering the reader by doing what they do not want to do.