Writing dissertation abstract

dissertation abstract tells your reader what to expect from reading your dissertation. It serves as a summary or synopsis of the paper where you can provide an overview of its contents. An effective abstract is informative, yet concise. Ideally, an abstract must only be confined in a single page. With this, the writer must practice discretion so he may be able to identify the points that need to be included in writing a valid abstract. ThesisEditor.co.uk, a company dedicated to provide you with quality custom writing service, helps you in writing dissertation abstract by providing you a quick reference guide on the contents of an abstract.

Writing dissertation abstractWe are committed to provide quality dissertation to all our clients. We are not limited with the scope, subject or form of the academic paper as we have well-trained and qualified professional academic writers who can create a customized paper for you. So you may easily draft your abstract, refer to the list of suggested contents below, as provided by ThesisEditor.co.uk.

  • Identify why you think your paper is important. What are the contributions it can make to the discipline?
  • State the problem or the topic you are going to discuss. What is the main argument of your dissertation?
  • Identify the methodology that you will use. Give your readers a very brief discussion of the type of research techniques that you have used.
  • List the most important result of your study. You can provide specific findings but remember to limit your discussion.
  • Identify the relevance of your findings to the academic discipline. What are the new contributions you have made to further the study of your chosen topic?

A dissertation abstract becomes useful for students during research because it helps them save time in understanding the contents of your paper. This is applicable especially to those who would want to use your paper as a reference material.