Writing Every Day For Beginners

Managing your writing… How often do you write? Once a month?   Once in a long while, Twice a year? There are probably more people who want to become writers than there are people who are already writers. If you are reading this you may be one of them. If you want to start publishing your own content or just get started then your in the right place.This article is for the beginners and it includes both people who have already started writing a little bit and people who are having trouble getting off the fence and getting going. One of the biggest problems problems writers have in getting started is worrying abut being perfect. Often times they can’t seem to get started because they’re worried about doing something wrong. Writing, however, is a skill that requires lots of practice in order for you to really find your unique style. But you can still have fun and let readers enjoy your writing even if you’re not perfect.

So coming up with a reason and a way to get lots of practice is very important and in fact it’s critical to developing your own free flowing writers voice. Starting your own blog is a great way to get practice. Blogs are easy to start and easy to manage. There a lots of free blogging platforms that still, even though they are free, can be made to look very nice. Another valuable feature of blog, for a writer especially, is that the contents (i.e. the posts, articles, stories, etc.) can be categorized. That means that over a period of time your blog can become a valuable informational resource for a variety of subjects. Blogs are very portable and very accessible too. You can blog from anywhere.

Internet service is available even in many public places today so your ‘office’ can be a room in your home, a picnic table at a par, or a gourmet coffee shop in a ritzy mall. And of course you can write ‘off line’ and publish later. You don’t have to have access to the net to do the writing. You can simply capture those good ideas you get in a text file and later upload that file onto your blog. You’ll find that as you try to become more aware of what you’re thinking during the day you’ll have more ideas to write about than you can possibly ever handle. No matter where you are, if you get a sudden thought or idea or inspiration for something to write about….you can do it.

You can either get it online right away or at least capture the idea on some kind of text file and upload it later. Blogs are great for aspiring writers also because of the ease of editing something you’ve written. It frequently happens that after you finish writing a piece, you have an idea for a different way of saying it. With an article on a blog, going back and making the change is quick and easy. But never forget that the important thing about writing is not that your grammar and spelling is perfect (although they are important) but rather that you’re able to ‘make your point’. In other words, if you can express yourself verbally, then your real challenge be able to type well enough to get your ideas from your brain, through your fingers, to your keyboard, and from there onto your blog and from there of course…..

into the blogosphere.

Yes, typing skills are a big part of it. It’s a known fact that your brain thinks a lot faster than you can talk. So if you have to spend too much mental energy focusing on keeping your fingers under control (on the keyboard), and thinking about spelling, and formatting…..then you’re probably going to have a hard time ‘finishing a thought’. So…..writers! Set up a blog and write every day….even twice a day would be better. Start with short articles, posts, observations and comments about whatever is on your mind at the time. There’s plenty of news out there to talk about. I’ll guarantee you that if you write consistently and enthusiastically and talk about something that you really do have an opinion about, then you’ll see your writing style get smoother and more natural very quickly. If you’ll just get started, and don’t stop, and keep on keeping on……you’ll start to get compliments about your writing style. Why is that? It’s because people don’t write anymore. Most people are information consumers and not information producers. Even if you’re just writing your opinions you’re still a ‘producer’ and you can take pride in that fact.

People don’t care how much you know (i.e. about grammar) as much as they care about what you think about your subject. Grammar is not exciting. Ideas are. Keep you eye on the technical details of grammar and spelling but don’t let worrying about them keep you from writing, writing and writing some more. You can ‘do’ and ‘learn’ at the same time. Start a blog….start writing…and , above all, relax and have fun!