Writing Ideas For Palm Beach Writers Group

10 Secrets to Getting Published

 1) Sell it first, then write it. Query editors. Present a list of ideas.

Remember: You must write what people will buy. Only The New Yorker, literary publications and some rare periodicals publish poetry.

However, many people want timely, newsy, topical articles or pieces on timeless subjects such as how to lose weight, how to save money and how to succeed on the job.

Notice: All these ideas are “how-to” articles.

2) Take an editor to lunch. Make a point of visiting people when you travel. You might even do a road trip to offices where you want to freelance.

3) Make a point of talking to every big deal who comes to town. Ask for an interview.

4) Write. Blog. Twitter. Snapchat. FB. Use of digital cameras. Video. imovie. iphoto. Amazon. Goodreads. Show FB page with all the “Sell you books” ideas.

5) Goals. Vision. Mission. Goals. Tactics. Use a calendar.

6) Read widely and read periodicals that you don’t usually read. (The Hensley Approach). Make a list.

7) Rip off ideas from TV, radio, online, anywhere.

8) Go to writers conferences and hang with writers. Network.

9) Learn about Lexis-Nexis.

10) Learn about Associations Unlimited and ProfNet.