Writing with Love to Writing

It is a universal truth that if you repeat one and the same thing for several times, you start to believe it is true. That is why many psychologists advice practicing autogenic therapy to the people with inferiority complex. What do I mean? Well, have you got a habit to repeat “I hate writing”? According to statistical data, a large majority of students keep repeating “I hate writing” every time they have to write any kind of academic paper.As far as you have already got, my article is an attempt to persuade you in importance of being devoted to the work you are doing, writing, in particular. You will never manage to get a high grade on your paper if you keep repeating “I hate writing”. You need to have only positive thoughts when writing your paper. Only in this case you will succeed.

Похожее изображениеAlthough, it is very important to predict the possibility that your paper may not be rated high. What you should do in order to avoid such possibility is to find out the requirements for your paper and direct all your efforts to their fulfillment.

So, right now you will find out a formula of your success in writing: LOVE TO WRITING + FULFILLMENT OF REQUIREMENTS = SUCCESS. In other words, if you are interested in the paper you are writing and apply all efforts to satisfy the main requirements for it, you will certainly succeed.

So, never repeat “I hate writing” if you do not want to fail.