Writing Resources

Here are the writing resources or writer resources that you will need to have when you start writing your story. If you have a Macbook or laptop is easy for you to move around. But having something simple like a notebook and other materials is also not bad. Just find something that make you feel comfort.

  1. A small Notebook/Macbook/Laptop/Tablet: Find something that you feel simple for your to write and note down your story. It can be a simple notebook to an expensive tablet.
  2. Color pencils/pens/eraser: If you decide to go with a notebook, you will need color pencils, pens and erasers to help you along the way.
  3. Many different color post-it: Use post it to note down your characters with different color note.
  4. Folders: File you document properly and make a clean organization.
  5. Dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia: You will need them during your writing, they help create powerful words in your story.
  6. Inspired books: Bring the books that like along, you might get some ideas from it.writing tips