You Have Just 8secs to Catch Your Blog Visitor’s Attention

Recently, We were confounded with a recent discovery that readers attention span drastically reduced to 8 seconds. How can this be? What can be done to make them actually read a post or an ebook? Which talisman are we writers missing? We thought of all these questions and came up with no answer. But however, I went ahead to do a little research and came up with some few tips to apply in other to get your readers’ attention to your articles again.

So without wasting much time, below are 3 ways to REALLY catch your readers’ 8 Secs focus span and make them stick to your writing.

1st Tips: Always USE IMAGES

It’s revealed in the focus span infographics below that the average human reads about 20% of the words on a regular web page. This, of course can be lower depending on the tactics leveraged to catch the readers’ attention.

But when you use images on every of your blog post, you’ll find that the readers become more interested to know what’s at the bottom of the post, so they kind of keep reading till they finish it.

And that’s basically why a tutorial post has a 3X more chances of getting read to the bottom than ordinary post with no images.

Also, 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text. In addition, people following instructions with a visual element will naturally perform 323% better than those without.

So images within blog posts do help explain things better and it also helps to keep a reader engaged on what he’s reading, because we humans naturally love images and are attracted to it.

2nd Step: Always Have an Outstanding Post Title

This part can’t be ignored either. It’s an imperative aspect of catching people’s attention, because a post title is one of the topmost reasons why a reader will be drawn to read a post in the first place.

So if a post title isn’t eye catching enough, then it might not do a good job of catching the necessary attention that it should naturally catch. That’s why I’ve dropped a long list of post titles templates to use in drawing your readers attention to your writing.

These below are the best ways to start your post titles for that article –

  1. {Insert number} Sure-fire Ways to . . .

This creates a sense of assurance in your post and makes your readers feel like it is all they need, and that it will definitely work for them if they try it out.


  1. 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Develop a Daily Writing Habit
  2. 15 Sure-Fire Ways to Stop Procrastination

iii. 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Avoid Smoking Pot

  1. Little Known Ways to . . .

This leaves your readers with the impression that your post is more unique and can’t be found elsewhere on the internet.


  1. Little Known Ways to Getting Off 20 Pounds in 3 Months
  2. Little Known Ways to Writing Insanely Fast as a Writer

iii. Little Known Ways to Getting Rich Without Leaving Home

  1. What Everybody Ought to Know About . . . .

Humans are naturally inquisitive creatures, and they can’t do without wanting to know what’s happening around them. So, this type of post title really brings up that urge in them and makes them want to click on it.


  1. What Everybody Ought to Know About Nelson Mandela
  2. What Everybody Ought to Know About Conjoined Twins

iii. What Everybody Ought to Know About Menstrual Cramps

  1. Here is a quick Way to . . .

People love fast results and shortcuts, so this type of post title makes them want to click at once.


  1. Here is a quick Way to Successfully Apply for Google Adsense
  2. Here is a quick Way to Growth Hacking for Men

iii. Here is a quick Way to Finding the Right Niche

  1. Do You Have to {Do this} to {get this}?

This type of headlines preach against the norm thereby telling people they don’t have to do the norms to get the desired results, people love to hear things like this a lot.


  1. Do You Have to Read to be a Better Writer?
  2. Do You Have to Write to Drive Traffic?

iii. Do You Have to Run to Get Fit?

  1. The Secret Way to . . .

People love to know secrets and this leaves them with a craving of to know what your post contains.


  1. The Secret Way to Cook up Epic Blog Posts
  2. The Secret Way to Developing a Good Conscience

iii. The Secret Way to Finding Happiness

  1. How to . . .

Almost every how-to headlines works perfectly well in making people to click on it, because it’s naturally self-explanatory.


  1. How to Get a Huge Amount of Facebook Likes to Your Posts
  2. How to Add a Facebook Fan Page to Your Blog

iii. How to Grow Your Writing Skills in 3 Weeks

  1. Do You . . .

Since people always want to contribute and be heard, question headlines also tend to work best in getting people’s attention.


  1. Do You Write in the Morning?
  2. Do You Know Why Writers’ Block is Currently Your Problem?

iii. Do You Why Writing is Hard?

  1. {Insert Number} Reasons Why . . .

Since this is giving some reasons, people will definitely want to read it.


  1. 4 Reasons Why Writing is an Awesome Thing to do Daily
  2. 5 Reasons Why Stopping Procrastination Will Help Your Blog

iii. 8 Reasons Why Giving up isn’t the Best Tactics

  1. {Insert Number} Ways to…

List posts tend to get the best attention and one of the best traffic because of it easy to read bullet points.


  1. 4 Ways to Start Your Day in a Good Mood
  2. 6 Ways to Find the Time to Start Writing

iii. 8 Ways to Stop Wailing and Start Counting Bucks

  1. Warning: {Insert headline here}

The warning alone is a red alert and if used with a powerful headline, there should be results.


  1. Warning: 5 Dangerous Ways to Build Links
  2. Warning: 12 Ways Not to Develop Six Packs

iii. Warning: Are You Doing Your SEO the Right Way?

  1. The Ultimate Guide to . . . .

People naturally love guides because they’re well researched and that they carry huge amounts of information on any topic.


  1. The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing
  2. The Idiot’s Guide to Getting Guest Blogging

iii. The dummy’s Guide to Setting up a Freelancing Site

  1. The Dirty Little Guide to Building a Niche Site

So like I said, make your post titles eye-catching and you’ll have won people naturally to read your every post.

3rd Tip: Leverage and Use Infographics Always

From the research presented from the infographics below, it’s stated clearly that infographics are 30X more likely to be read than text articles.

So try as much as possible to include infographics into your posts as it tends to get more likes and links than normal posts do.

That said, this infographics below is the embodiment of this post. So enjoy it and share it with friends.