Your Most Important Grades and College Education Admissions

Your most important grades, to impress the college education admissions office, is not your high school grades. Your most important grades are the ones you get in college before you even get admitted to college.

When taking classes as a non-matriculated student (as described in the previous two sections), you better get grades of “A.” These will be your most important grades, because it will show that you can excel in college work and it will impress the college education admissions office.

Aside from the tips of interacting with the teacher, mentioned earlier, there are some things you can do to make sure you ace your classes.

1. Contact the school to find out the assignments and books needed for the class, weeks before the class starts. Prepare yourself so that you will do well on tests and have great class participation.

2. If possible, try to take classes that require only take-home writing assignments or projects, so you can put extra time into the assignment to get an “A.” Also get someone to review your written work in order to increase your chances for success.

3. In written assignments make sure you know how to use footnotes and a bibliography– these are scholarly standards in college that you must meet.

4. Find out if the teacher has written any books. Skim those books and see if they are relevant to your written assignments and include quotes or references to the teacher’s books. The teacher will be impressed that you recognize him/her as an expert.