Your New Copywriting Business: Start Local And Get Clients Fast

If you’re a brand new copywriter, the best copywriting clients for you are your local businesses. Of course, once you build up your portfolio and your confidence, you can work with clients all over the world, but in the beginning, local clients are best.There are a couple of reasons for this. The first one is that your local business community likes to deal with locals. When youre a local, your inexperience doesnt matter. Youll get their business because youre a known quantity they feel comfortable with you.

The second reason is that the competition is less. If you dont live in a global media hub like New York City, chances are that when you contact local businesses, it will be the first time theyve ever been contacted by a copywriter.

What Kinds Of Businesses Hire Copywriters?

All businesses need copywriters, but some small businesses just dont have the funds. The only way to find out whether a business can afford to hire you is to ask them whether they need a copywriter. In some instances, you may have to explain to them just what a copywriter does.

Approach local medical centers, animal hospitals, realtors, and have a chat to them just an easy chat to see what their marketing needs are, and whether you could help.

Get In Touch With Local Graphic Design And Advertising Agencies

Its often easier to work with local professionals, because they know what copywriting can do for them. Approach your local agencies, and let them know that youre ready to work with them when they have an overflow of work. This always happens when they get new contracts, so you should get steady work from agencies without too much effort.

So if youre eager to start a copywriting business, start local. Youll be amazed at the welcome you get, and your new business will be off and running.